Items listed here have either been discontinued or changed by the manufacturer, or have been discontinued by us. Clearance Items are limited to quantities on hand. No backorders. NC/NR (Non-cancellable/Non-refundable). Selection will change frequently.

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HOZAN F-300-0710 Multi-Purpose ESD Sheet [DISCON]
Reg. $36.75
SALE $21.75
HOZAN D-22 Precision Screwdriver Set [DISCON]
Reg. $14.25
SALE $4.50
HOZAN P-715 Crimping Tool (for F Connectors) [DISCON]
Reg. $95.50
SALE $57.30
HOZAN P-816-R Eco-friendly Tweezers, r1.2mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-814H-1 Heat-resistant Tips, 0.4mm [DISCON]
Reg. $7.50
SALE $4.50
HOZAN P-815H-1 Heat-resistant tips, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-814S-1 ESD Tips, 0.4mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815S-1 ESD Tips, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816S-1 ESD Tips, r1.2mm [DISCON]
Reg. $12.20
SALE $7.30
ENGINEER DA-72 Ceramic Driver, -0.4x2.4mm
Reg. $14.95
SALE $6.00
ENGINEER DA-77 Ceramic Driver, -0.35x1.95mm
Reg. $14.95
SALE $6.00
HOZAN P-815R-1 Eco-friendly Tips, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816R-1 Eco-friendly Tips, rounded 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-275 Replacement tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $16.50
SALE $4.25
HOZAN HS-276 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $20.95
SALE $5.25
HOZAN HS-278 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $20.95
SALE $5.25
HOZAN HS-279 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $20.95
SALE $5.25
HOZAN HS-280 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $16.50
SALE $4.25
HOZAN HS-281 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $17.50
SALE $4.40
HOZAN HS-282 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
Reg. $17.50
SALE $4.40
VICTOR (Hanazono) 113BSD  Dust Nippers, 125mm
HOZAN N-22 Plastic Cutters (Discontinued)
Reg. $28.50
SALE $7.75
HOZAN P-18 Long Nose Pliers (Discontinued)
HOZAN D-65P Stubby Screwdriver, JIS +2, 35mm Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-770-0.89 Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]HOZAN D-770-1.27 Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]
Reg. $4.95
SALE $2.45
HOZAN D-770-4  Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]
Reg. $5.75
SALE $2.85
HOZAN  D-770-5   Hex  Screwdriver [DISCON]
Reg. $5.75
SALE $2.85
HOZAN D-852-4 Nut Driver, M2 (Discontinued)
Reg. $3.35
SALE $1.68
HOZAN D-860-10 Nut Driver, M6 (Discontinued)
Reg. $5.80
SALE $2.90
HOZAN D-723-10 Torx Screwdriver, T10 [DISCON]
Reg. $8.60
SALE $4.30
HOZAN D-724-15 Torx Screwdriver, T15 [DISCON]
Reg. $8.60
SALE $4.30
HOZAN D-727-27 Torx Screwdriver, T27 [DISCON]
Reg. $9.75
SALE $4.85
HOZAN D-728-30 Torx Screwdriver, T30 [DISCON]
Reg. $9.75
SALE $4.85
HOZAN L-65-3 Replacement Bulb (Color: 7000K) [DISCON]
Reg. $64.75
SALE $45.50
HOZAN P-842 Stainless Steel Tweezers, 0.3mm angled [DISCON]
Reg. $25.70
SALE $17.95
HOZAN D-40-1 Magnetic Screwdriver, JIS +1 [DISCON]HOZAN D-70-100 Magnetic Driver, -5.0mm [DISCON]HOZAN D-70-125 Magnetic Driver, -6.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN ECODORA ScrewdriversHOZAN B-40 Large Parts Case, Single StackDELVO DLV8231-EJN Electric Screwdriver
Reg. $749.50
SALE $175.00
HOZAN B-40 Large Parts Case, Double StackHOZAN F-61-S Anti-Static Gloves, pair  SIZE: S
Reg. $20.50
SALE $10.25
HOZAN D-521-75 Driver Bit Set 5/pk (Discontinued)
Reg. $8.50
SALE $4.50
HOZAN HS-609 Nozzle Stand
Reg. $75.50
SALE $37.75
HOZAN P-38  Miniature Long Nose Pliers (Discontinued)
Reg. $22.50
SALE $11.25
HOZAN No. 3748 Desoldering Braid, 2.5mm [DISCON]
Reg. $5.50
SALE $2.75
HOZAN S-140 Tool Case (Discontinued)
HOZAN P-95 Wire Stripper (Solid Wire) [DISCON]
Reg. $42.75
SALE $21.50
HOZAN P-816 ESD Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN D-63P Stubby Slotted Driver, Yellow (Discontinued)HOZAN P-810 Tweezers Set [DISCON]HOZAN K-213 10pc File Set (Discontinued)
HOZAN P-17 Needle Nose Pliers