Accessories for ESD Mats
Accessories for HOZAN DT-Series
Adhesive Resistant-tip Interchangeable Tweezers
Bent-tip/Reverse-action Tweezers
Bottom Bracket & Chain
Cases / Storage
CCD Camera / Microscopes / Magnifiers
Ceramic-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers
Cleanroom / Laboratory
Crimping Tools
Cutting / Metal Working
Desoldering Braids (Wicks)
Desoldering Stations
Discontinued Versions
ENGINEER DA-72 Ceramic Driver, -0.4x2.4mm
ENGINEER DA-77 Ceramic Driver, -0.35x1.95mm
ENGINEER DS-85 JIS +3 Screwdriver
ENGINEER DZ-02 JIS +000 Micro Screwdriver
ENGINEER DZ-03 Cross Nut Driver
ENGINEER DZ-04 Cross Nut Driver
ENGINEER DZ-05 Cross Nut Driver Set
ENGINEER DZ-06 Offset Driver (JIS +1 / -5.0mm)
ENGINEER DZ-07 Offset Driver (JIS +2 / -6.0mm)
ENGINEER DZ-08 Offset Driver Set
ENGINEER DZ-11 Flex Shaft Screwdriver, -5.0mm
ENGINEER DZ-12 Flex Shaft Screwdriver, +2
ENGINEER KP-01 Parts Case
ENGINEER KP-02 Parts Case
ENGINEER KP-02K Extra Strength Parts Case
ENGINEER KP-03 Parts Case
ENGINEER KP-03K Extra Strength Parts Case
ENGINEER KP-04 Miniature Parts Case
ENGINEER KP-95 Dividers for KP-01 (6/set)
ENGINEER KP-96 Dividers for KP-02/KP-02K (6/set)
ENGINEER KP-97 Dividers for KP-03/KP-03K (6/set)
ENGINEER PAD-01 Handy Crimper (complete set)
ENGINEER PZ-10 Accessories
ENGINEER PZ-10 Snap Ring Pliers
ENGINEER PZ-11 Replacement Tips (0.7mm dia., Straight)
ENGINEER PZ-12 Replacement Tips (0.7mm dia., Curved)
ENGINEER PZ-13 Replacement Tips (1.4mm dia., Straight)
ENGINEER PZ-14 Replacement Tips (1.4mm dia., Curved)
ENGINEER SL-64 Folding Magnifier [CLEARANCE]
ENGINEER TWM-08 Stubby Adjustable Wrench
ENGINEER TZ-02 Handy Saw
ENGINEER TZ-04 Replacement Blades for TZ-02 (10/pk)
ESD Gloves
ESD Mats
ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers and Tips
ESD/Elastomer-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers
File Sets
Frame & Stand
Hand Tools
Hand Tools
Head & Fork
HOZAN D-16 Core Alignment Driver Set
HOZAN D-16-1 Core Alignment Driver
HOZAN D-770-5 Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]
HOZAN DT-510A Sensor Probe
HOZAN DT-510B Thermocouple
HOZAN DT-510C Sensor Probe [DISCON]
HOZAN DT-510E Thermocouple
HOZAN H-72 Aluminum Heat Sink [DISCON]
HOZAN L-501 Stereo Head Scope
HOZAN N-35 Miniature Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN P-860 Bamboo Tweezers
HOZAN P-872 Chisel-Tip Precision Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-876 Standard Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-88 Standard Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-881 Tweezers, Fine Tip
HOZAN P-881-ESD Tweezers, Fine Tip
HOZAN Z-364 Magnetic Pickup Tool
HOZAN Adjustable Wrenches
HOZAN Adjustable Wrenches with Soft Grip [SALE]
HOZAN Automatic Wire Strippers
HOZAN B-10 Accessories
HOZAN B-10 Parts Cases (6 Configurations to choose from) [SALE]
HOZAN B-10-1 Sliding Latches (White), 2/pack
HOZAN B-10-AA Parts Case
HOZAN B-10-AB Parts Case
HOZAN B-10-AC Parts Case
HOZAN B-10-BB Parts Case
HOZAN B-10-BC Parts Case
HOZAN B-10-CC Parts Case
HOZAN B-17 Parts Case, ESD (Clear-top)
HOZAN B-17-BB Parts Case, ESD
HOZAN B-17/B-18 Accessories
HOZAN B-18 Parts Case, ESD (standard)
HOZAN B-180 Cleanroom-safe Case
HOZAN B-19 Parts Case (w/o trays)
HOZAN B-200 Parts Cabinet, 72 drawers
HOZAN B-201 Parts Cabinet, 20 drawers
HOZAN B-212 Inner Tray for B-17
HOZAN B-222 Dividers for B-212 Tray
HOZAN B-311 Inner Tray "A"
HOZAN B-312 Inner Tray "B"
HOZAN B-313 Inner Tray "C"
HOZAN B-315 Inner Tray "E"
HOZAN B-316 Inner Tray "F"
HOZAN B-317 Inner Tray "G"
HOZAN B-321 Dividers for "A" Trays, bag of 5
HOZAN B-322 Dividers for "B" Tray, bag of 8
HOZAN B-323 Dividers for "C" Tray, bag of 9
HOZAN B-325 Dividers for "E" Tray, bag of 8
HOZAN B-326 Dividers for "F"Tray, bag of 9
HOZAN B-327 Dividers for "G" Tray, bag of 15
HOZAN B-351 Inner Tray "E"
HOZAN B-352 Inner Tray "F"
HOZAN B-353 Inner Tray "G" (2/pk)
HOZAN B-355 Dividers for "E" Tray, 8/bag
HOZAN B-356 Dividers for Inner Tray "F" 9/bag
HOZAN B-357 Dividers for Inner Tray "G"
HOZAN B-359 Parts Case (w/o trays)
HOZAN B-40 Accessories
HOZAN B-40 Large Parts Case, Double Stack
HOZAN B-40 Large Parts Case, Single Stack
HOZAN B-40-1 Sliding Latches, 2/pk [DISCON]
HOZAN B-40-2 Divider Labels 5 sheet/pk (for B-50/B-40) [DISCON]
HOZAN B-402 Parts Cabinet, 15 drawers
HOZAN B-403 Parts Cabinet, 24 drawers
HOZAN B-404 Parts Cabinet, 60 drawers
HOZAN B-405 Parts Cabinet, 120 drawers
HOZAN B-413 Parts Cabinet, 21 drawers
HOZAN B-414 Parts Cabinet, 35 drawers
HOZAN B-415 Parts Cabinet, 70 drawers
HOZAN B-50 Accessories
HOZAN B-50 Parts Cases (6 configurations to choose from) [SALE]
HOZAN B-50-1 Replacement Latch (set of 2)
HOZAN B-50-EE Parts Case
HOZAN B-50-EF Parts Case
HOZAN B-50-EG Parts Case
HOZAN B-50-FF Parts Case
HOZAN B-50-FG Parts Case
HOZAN B-50-GG MAX Special Parts Case and Dividers Combo Pack
HOZAN B-50-GG Parts Case
HOZAN B-505 Container
HOZAN B-530 Container
HOZAN B-54-1 Replacement Tray
HOZAN B-54-B Box Master, Small
HOZAN B-55-B Box Master, Medium
HOZAN B-56-B Box Master, Large
HOZAN B-600 Tool Case
HOZAN B-66-1 Tool Pallet [DISCON]
HOZAN B-66-2 Notebook Tray [DISCON]
HOZAN B-701 Wheeled Tool Case
HOZAN B-711 Tool Bag
HOZAN B-712 Roll-up Tool Pouch
HOZAN B-73 Container
HOZAN B-740 Tool Pallet
HOZAN B-80 Tool Case
HOZAN B-80-1 Shoulder Strap
HOZAN B-80-6 Document File
HOZAN B-80-7 Tool Pallet
HOZAN B-82 Tool Box
HOZAN B-83 Tool Box
HOZAN B-85 Tool Box
HOZAN B-98 Tool Pouch
HOZAN C-120 Combination Spoke Wrench
HOZAN C-141 Stand Spring Tool
HOZAN C-142 Stand Spring Tool
HOZAN C-160 Ratchet Hub Nut Wrench
HOZAN C-200 Pedal Wrench
HOZAN C-203 Lock Ring Pliers (Head Race Pliers)
HOZAN C-205 Lock Ring Wrench
HOZAN C-216 Spoke Cutter
HOZAN C-217 Wire Cutter
HOZAN C-320 Chain Rivet Pliers [DISCON]
HOZAN C-321 Replacement Contact for C-320
HOZAN C-331 Gauge/Ruler for C-330 [DISCON]
HOZAN C-349 Brake Drum Turner
HOZAN C-356 Inner Wire Pliers
HOZAN C-358 BB Fixed Cup Tool
HOZAN C-358-1 Cup Holder for C-358
HOZAN C-365 Head Cup Remover (for 1" dia.)
HOZAN C-426 Fork Die Set, BC124 (JIS)
HOZAN C-426-1 Replacement Die, BC1x24 (JIS)
HOZAN C-427 Fork Die Set, 1-1 / 8"26
HOZAN C-427-1 Replacement Die, 1-1 / 8"26
HOZAN C-436 Head Cup Remover (for 1-1/8" and 1-1/4" dia.)
HOZAN C-451 Seat Stay Opener and Tightener
HOZAN C-503 Hub Cone Wrench Set
HOZAN C-504 Hub Cone Wrench Set
HOZAN C-505-13 Hub Cone Wrench, 13mm
HOZAN C-505-14 Hub Cone Wrench, 14mm
HOZAN C-505-15 Hub Cone Wrench, 15mm
HOZAN C-505-17 Hub Cone Wrench, 17mm
HOZAN C-62 Sprocket Remover
HOZAN C-702-13 Spoke Threader for #13 Spokes
HOZAN C-702-14 Spoke Threader for #14 Spokes
HOZAN C-702-15 Spoke Threader for #15 Spokes
HOZAN C-702-22 Spoke Threader Set (for #13/#14/#15 Spokes)
HOZAN C-706 Replacement Head for older C-700 model [DISCON]
HOZAN C-707-13 Die Head for #13 Spokes
HOZAN C-707-14 Die Head for #14 Spokes
HOZAN C-707-15 Die Head for #15 Spokes
HOZAN C-737 Spoke Threading Master [DISCON]
HOZAN C-738 Spoke Tension Meter
HOZAN C-85 Sprocket Snap Ring Tool Kit
HOZAN Customized Microscope
HOZAN D-13 Valve Driver/Remover
HOZAN D-140-100 JIS +0 Screwdriver, 4" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-16-2 Core Alignment Driver
HOZAN D-16-3 Core Alignment Driver
HOZAN D-16-4 Core Alignment Driver
HOZAN D-16-5 Core Alignment Tool
HOZAN D-17 Ceramic Alignment Driver Set
HOZAN D-20 Precision Screwdriver Set
HOZAN D-22 Precision Screwdriver Set [DISCON]
HOZAN D-230-150 Slotted Screwdriver, -2.6mm, 6" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-240-100 Slotted Screwdriver, -4.0mm, 4" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-271 Ceramic Alignment Driver, -1.3mm
HOZAN D-272 Ceramic Alignment Driver, -1.8mm
HOZAN D-275 Ceramic Alignment Tool, JIS +0
HOZAN D-280 Reversible Ceramic Alignment Driver
HOZAN D-280/281 Accessories
HOZAN D-281 Ceramic Alignment Driver, 2-way
HOZAN D-282 Replacement Tip, -0.9mm / -1.8mm
HOZAN D-283 Replacement Tip, -1.3mm / -2.6mm
HOZAN D-284 Replacement Tip, JIS +0
HOZAN D-285 Replacement Tip, JIS +1.7mm
HOZAN D-29-100 Alignment Driver (metal-tip), 4" shaft
HOZAN D-29-150 Alignment Driver (metal-tip), 6" shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-331-100 Ball Grip Slotted Screwdriver, 4" Shaft
HOZAN D-331-150 Ball Grip Slotted Screwdriver, 6" Shaft
HOZAN D-332-100 Ball Grip JIS +2 Screwdriver, 4" Shaft
HOZAN D-332-150 Ball Grip JIS +2 Screwdriver, 6" Shaft
HOZAN D-36 Nut Driver Set [DISCON]
HOZAN D-40-1 Magnetic Screwdriver, JIS +1 [DISCON]
HOZAN D-44 Reversible Screwdriver Set 3/pk
HOZAN D-52 Reversible Screwdriver (JIS 00 / -2.5mm)
HOZAN D-521-75 Driver Bit Set 5/pk (Discontinued)
HOZAN D-530-75 JIS +00 Screwdriver, 3" shaft
HOZAN D-54 Reversible Screwdriver (JIS 1 / -4.0mm)
HOZAN D-540-100 JIS +0 Screwdriver, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-550-100 JIS +1 Screwdriver, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-555-100 JIS +2 Screwdriver, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-555-300 JIS +2 Screwdriver, 12" shaft
HOZAN D-58 Reversible Screwdriver (JIS 2 / -5.5mm)
HOZAN D-583-100 Comfort Grip Slotted Driver, 4" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-583-300 Comfort Grip Slotted Driver, 12" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-587-100 Comfort Grip JIS +2 Driver, 4" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-587-300 Comfort Grip JIS +2 Driver, 12" Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-59 Reversible Stubby Screwdriver (JIS 2 / 6.0mm)
HOZAN D-6 Reversible Screwdriver, JIS +1 / JIS +2 [DISCON]
HOZAN D-62 Slotted Micro Screwdriver, -1.5mm, 20mm Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-630-100 Slotted Screwdriver 2.5 x 0.35mm, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-630-75 Slotted Screwdriver 2.5 x 0.35mm, 3" shaft
HOZAN D-63P Slotted Stubby Screwdriver, -6.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN D-63P Stubby Slotted Driver, Yellow (Discontinued)
HOZAN D-640-100 Slotted Screwdriver 4.0 x 0.45mm, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-650-100 Slotted Screwdriver 5.0 x 0.7mm, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-655-100 Slotted Screwdriver 5.5 x 0.8mm, 4" shaft
HOZAN D-65P Stubby Screwdriver, JIS +2, 35mm Shaft [DISCON]
HOZAN D-66 JIS +00 Micro Screwdriver
HOZAN D-67 Micro Screwdriver, 1.8mmx0.3mm tip
HOZAN D-68 Stubby Screwdriver, Slotted 6.0mm
HOZAN D-69 Stubby Screwdriver, JIS +2
HOZAN D-70-100 Magnetic Driver, -5.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN D-70-125 Magnetic Driver, -6.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN D-723-10 Torx Screwdriver, T10 [DISCON]
HOZAN D-724-15 Torx Screwdriver, T15 [DISCON]
HOZAN D-727-27 Torx Screwdriver, T27 [DISCON]
HOZAN D-728-30 Torx Screwdriver, T30 [DISCON]
HOZAN D-74-L Screwdriver/Circuit Checker [DISCON]
HOZAN D-745 Screwdriver/LED Voltage Checker
HOZAN D-770-0.89 Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]
HOZAN D-770-1.27 Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]
HOZAN D-770-4 Hex Screwdriver [DISCON]
HOZAN D-840-10 Nut Driver, M6
HOZAN D-840-4 Nut Driver, M2
HOZAN D-840-5 Nut Driver, M2.5
HOZAN D-840-5.5 Nut Driver, M3
HOZAN D-840-7 Nut Driver, M4
HOZAN D-840-8 Nut Driver, M4.5/M5
HOZAN D-850-10 Nut Driver, M6
HOZAN D-850-4 Nut Driver, M2
HOZAN D-850-5 Nut Driver, M2.5
HOZAN D-850-5.5 Nut Driver, M3
HOZAN D-850-7 Nut Driver, M4
HOZAN D-850-8 Nut Driver, M5
HOZAN D-852-4 Nut Driver, M2 (Discontinued)
HOZAN D-860-10 Nut Driver, M6 (Discontinued)
HOZAN D-91-0 ESD Precision Screwdriver, +0 [NEW]
HOZAN D-91-00 ESD Precision Screwdriver, +00 [NEW]
HOZAN D-912 ESD Precision Screwdriver Set
HOZAN D-92-1.8 ESD Precision Screwdriver, -1.8mm [NEW]
HOZAN D-92-2.5 ESD Precision Screwdriver, 2.5mm [NEW]
HOZAN D-963 Impact Screwdriver
HOZAN D-963-8 Set of Replacement Bits for D-963 (6pc)
HOZAN Drill Bit Sets
HOZAN DT-105-1 Tester Probe (for DT-105/106)
HOZAN DT-113-1 Tester Probe (for DT-113)
HOZAN DT-510 Digital Thermometer
HOZAN DT-510-TA Digital Thermometer with Calibration Certificate
HOZAN DT-510Z Carrying Case (for DT-510 unit only)
HOZAN DT-570 Soldering Iron Tester
HOZAN DT-570-TA Soldering Iron Tester with Calibration Certificate
HOZAN ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat (Customizable)
HOZAN F-10-A IC Foam
HOZAN F-126 Common Point Bench Ground
HOZAN F-14 Parts Tray, ESD
HOZAN F-142 Ankle Strap
HOZAN F-145 Heel Strap [NEW]
HOZAN F-152 Wrist Strap
HOZAN F-152-2 Wrist Strap Band
HOZAN F-153 Wrist Strap
HOZAN F-153-2 Wrist Strap Band
HOZAN F-154 Wrist Strap (10/pk)
HOZAN F-154-2 Wrist Strap Band (10/pk)
HOZAN F-154-3 Alligator Clip (10/pk)
HOZAN F-155 Wrist Strap
HOZAN F-160 Wrist Strap Extension
HOZAN F-165 Common Point Bench Ground
HOZAN F-166 Common Point Bench Ground
HOZAN F-190 ESD Gown, unisex
HOZAN F-21 ESD Kitting Tray (set of 3)
HOZAN F-22 ESD Kitting Tray (Set of 3)
HOZAN F-23 ESD Kitting Tray (Set of 3)
HOZAN F-24 Grounding Wire
HOZAN F-27 Grounding Wire (2pk)
HOZAN F-28 Circuit Plate (10pk)
HOZAN F-29 Grounding Wire
HOZAN F-29-1 Snap (5pk)
HOZAN F-29-2 Punch Kit
HOZAN F-300-0710 Multi-Purpose ESD Sheet [DISCON]
HOZAN F-300-1014 Multi-Purpose ESD Sheet [DISCON]
HOZAN F-301 ESD Chair Cover
HOZAN F-6 Wrist Strap Checker
HOZAN F-6-TA Wrist Strap Checker with Calibration Certificate
HOZAN F-61 ESD Gloves, pair
HOZAN F-61-S Anti-Static Gloves, pair SIZE: S
HOZAN F-63 ESD Gloves, pair
HOZAN F-64 ESD Gloves, pair
HOZAN F-66 ESD Gloves, 10 pr
HOZAN F-702 ESD Rubber Mat, 1m x 1m, Green
HOZAN F-703 ESD Rubber Mat, 1m x 1.8m, Green
HOZAN F-705 ESD Rubber Mat, 1m x 10m, Green
HOZAN F-712 ESD Rubber Mat, 1m x 1m, Gray
HOZAN F-713 ESD Rubber Mat, 1m x 1.8m, Gray
HOZAN F-715 ESD Rubber Mat, 1m x 10m, Gray
HOZAN F-735 ESD Cushion Mat, 5/pk [NEW]
HOZAN F-736 ESD Cushion Mat [NEW]
HOZAN F-806 Parts Case, ESD
HOZAN F-807 Parts Case, ESD
HOZAN F-840 Panel
HOZAN F-841-A Corner "A" (male)
HOZAN F-841-B Corner "B" (female)
HOZAN F-843-A Edge "A" (male)
HOZAN F-843-B Edge "B" (female)
HOZAN H-106 Optional Holder for H-5/6
HOZAN H-108 Replacement Tip-Cleaning Sponge
HOZAN H-11 Portable Soldering Iron Stand
HOZAN H-11-1 Sponge for H-11
HOZAN H-133 Replacement Tip for H-130
HOZAN H-17 Heat Controller for Soldering Irons
HOZAN H-250 Soldering Iron w/Cap, 30W [DISCON]
HOZAN H-251 Replacement Heater for H-250/252
HOZAN H-254 Replacement Bit for H-250/252
HOZAN H-35-1.3 Desoldering Braid
HOZAN H-35-2.0 Desoldering Braid
HOZAN H-35-2.5 Desoldering Braid
HOZAN H-6 Soldering Iron Stand
HOZAN H-600 Soldering Iron w/Booster Switch
HOZAN H-710 Solder (Coil-type), 1.6mm
HOZAN H-712 Solder (RMA), 0.3mm
HOZAN H-714 Solder (RMA), 0.6mm
HOZAN H-716 Solder (RMA), 1.0mm
HOZAN H-73 Aluminum Heat Sink
HOZAN H-740 Solder Aid Set
HOZAN H-740-1 Solder Aid Tool (Hook/Reamer)
HOZAN H-740-2 Solder Aid Tool (Blade/Scraper)
HOZAN H-740-3 Solder Aid Tool (Brush/Pick)
HOZAN H-753 Multi-function Thermometer for Soldering Irons
HOZAN H-756 Analog Sensor
HOZAN H-758 Analog Sensor [DISCON]
HOZAN H-761 Analog Thermometer for Soldering Irons
HOZAN H-762 Digital Thermometer for Soldering Irons
HOZAN H-763 Digital Sensor
HOZAN H-767 Digital Thermometer for Soldering Irons
HOZAN H-767-TA Digital Thermometer with Calibration Certificate
HOZAN H-768 Digital Sensor
HOZAN H-769 Thermometer for Soldering Irons
HOZAN H-769-1 IC Tags (Set of 5)
HOZAN H-769-TA Thermometer for Soldering Irons w/Calibration Cert.
HOZAN H-8 Folding-type Soldering Iron Stand/Tip Cleaner
HOZAN H-829 Soldering Iron, 20W
HOZAN H-839 Soldering Iron, 28W
HOZAN H-840S Soldering Iron Set
HOZAN H-849 Soldering Iron, 35W
HOZAN H-864 Replacement Tip
HOZAN H-869 Soldering Iron, 45W
HOZAN HC-31 Demagnetizer/Degausser, 110V
HOZAN HC-33 Demagnetizer/Degausser (Auto)
HOZAN HS-113 Replacement Heater
HOZAN HS-126 Replacement Heater
HOZAN HS-201 Soldering Tip for HS-11 (BC type)
HOZAN HS-202 Soldering Tip for HS-11 (D type)
HOZAN HS-207 Soldering Tip for HS-11 (B type)
HOZAN HS-26 Soldering Iron 100V, 50W
HOZAN HS-271 Replacement Tip (Standard Size)
HOZAN HS-272 Replacement Tip (Standard Size)
HOZAN HS-273 Replacement Tip (Standard Size)
HOZAN HS-275 Replacement tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-276 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-278 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-279 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-280 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-281 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-282 Replacement Tip for HS-35 [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-283 Replacement Tip (Standard Size)
HOZAN HS-301 Lead-Free Solder, 0.3mm
HOZAN HS-302 Lead-Free Solder, 0.6mm
HOZAN HS-304 Lead-Free Solder, 1.0mm
HOZAN HS-341 Lead-Free Solder, 0.3mm dia
HOZAN HS-342 Lead-Free Solder, 0.6mm dia
HOZAN HS-344 Lead-Free Solder, 1.0mm dia
HOZAN HS-35 Accessories
HOZAN HS-35 Soldering Station
HOZAN HS-35-3 Heater Cover
HOZAN HS-352 Lead-Free Solder, 0.6mm dia
HOZAN HS-353 Lead-Free Solder, 0.8mm dia
HOZAN HS-354 Lead-Free Solder, 1.0mm dia
HOZAN HS-35B03 Replacement Tip (Shorter Size)
HOZAN HS-35B04 Replacement Tip (Shorter Size)
HOZAN HS-35BC02 Replacement Tip (Shorter Size)
HOZAN HS-35D01 Replacement Tip (Shorter Size)
HOZAN HS-361 Lead-Free Solder (Coil-type), 0.3mm
HOZAN HS-362 Lead-Free Solder (Coil-type), 0.8mm
HOZAN HS-363 Lead-Free Solder (Coil-type), 1.0mm
HOZAN HS-371 Lead-free Solder, 0.3mm
HOZAN HS-372 Lead-free Solder, 0.6mm
HOZAN HS-374 Lead-free Solder, 1.0mm
HOZAN HS-380-1.5 Desoldering Braid, 1.5mm
HOZAN HS-380-2.0 Desoldering Braid, 2.0mm
HOZAN HS-380-2.5 Desoldering Braid, 2.5mm
HOZAN HS-400 Desoldering Station [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-400-23 Handpiece for HS-400/401 (with standard heater units)
HOZAN HS-400-3 Grip Set for HS-400
HOZAN HS-400-7 Screw/Nut set for Handle (2pr/set)
HOZAN HS-400-8 Screw Set (for Heater Units) 2pc/set
HOZAN HS-400-9 Handpiece for HS-400/401 (without heater units)
HOZAN HS-400/401 Accessories
HOZAN HS-401 Desoldering Station (Hot Pincette)
HOZAN HS-405 Standard Heater Unit, pair
HOZAN HS-406 Heater Unit for High Density Areas, pair [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-407 Wide-tip Heater Unit, pair
HOZAN HS-408 Removal Attachment for SOPs
HOZAN HS-419 Pedal Switch
HOZAN HS-51 Accessories
HOZAN HS-51 Soldering Station
HOZAN HS-51-1 Tip Cleaning Sponge
HOZAN HS-51B01 Tip (Type B)
HOZAN HS-51B02 Tip (Type B)
HOZAN HS-51B03 Tip (Type B)
HOZAN HS-51BC01 Tip (Type BC)
HOZAN HS-51C01 Tip (Type C)
HOZAN HS-51C02 Tip (Type C)
HOZAN HS-51C03 Tip (Type C)
HOZAN HS-51D01 Tip (Type D)
HOZAN HS-51D03 Tip (Type D)
HOZAN HS-51K02 Tip (Type K)
HOZAN HS-551 Standard Nozzle, 1 pin
HOZAN HS-552 Standard Nozzle, 2 pin
HOZAN HS-553 Standard Nozzle, 3 pin
HOZAN HS-555 Replacement Heater [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-557/559 Accessories
HOZAN HS-559 Desoldering Station [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-600/602/603 Accessories
HOZAN HS-603 Desoldering Station
HOZAN HS-603-1 Power Switch [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-603-15 Air Pump (for HS-602/603) [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-603-2 Heater Switch [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-605 Replacement Heater
HOZAN HS-609 Nozzle Stand
HOZAN HS-611 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 24-pin
HOZAN HS-612 Standard Nozzle for QFP/SOIC/SOP, 5-pin
HOZAN HS-613 Standard Nozzle for QFP/SOIC/SOIP, 7-pin
HOZAN HS-614 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 12-pin
HOZAN HS-615 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 28-pin
HOZAN HS-616 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 28-pin
HOZAN HS-617 Standard Nozzle, 2-pin versatile use
HOZAN HS-618 Standard Nozzle, 1-pin versatile use
HOZAN HS-619 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 44-pin
HOZAN HS-621 Standard Nozzle for SOP/SOIC/DIP, 8-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-622 Standard Nozzle for SOP/SOIC/DIP, 10-pin
HOZAN HS-623 Standard Nozzle for SOP/SOIC/DIP, 12-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-624 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 16-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-625 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 16-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-626 Standard Nozzle for QFP, 28-pin
HOZAN HS-627 Standard Nozzle for SOP/SOIC/DIP, 14-pin
HOZAN HS-628 Standard Nozzle for SOIC/SOP/DIP, 16-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-629 Standard Nozzle for SOP/SOIC/DIP, 18-pin
HOZAN HS-631 Bent-Pin Nozzle for SOJ/PLCC, 36-pin
HOZAN HS-632 Bent-Pin Nozzle for SOJ/PLCC, 44-pin
HOZAN HS-634 Bent-Pin Nozzle for SOJ/PLCC, 28-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-635 Bent-Pin Nozzle for SOJ/PLCC, 22-pin
HOZAN HS-642 Thin-Pin Nozzle forSOP/SOIC/DIP, 10-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-643 Thin-Pin Nozzle for QFP, 32-pin
HOZAN HS-644 Thin-Pin Nozzle for QFP, 16-pin [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-800/801/802 Accessories
HOZAN HS-801 Soldering Station (Through Hole) [DISCON]
HOZAN HS-802 Desoldering Station (Through Hole)
HOZAN HS-802-18 Handpiece Cleaning Rod
HOZAN HS-802-21 Nozzle Cleaning Pin
HOZAN HS-810 Replacement Heater
HOZAN HS-811 Standard Nozzle, 0.8mm tip
HOZAN HS-812 Standard Nozzle, 1.0mm tip
HOZAN HS-813 Standard Nozzle, 1.6mm tip
HOZAN HS-814 Standard Nozzle, 0.75mm tip
HOZAN HS-815 Standard Nozzle, 1.3mm tip
HOZAN HS-816 Nozzle for Chip Parts
HOZAN HS-817 Nozzle for Chip Parts
HOZAN HS-818 Nozzle for Chip Parts
HOZAN HS-820 Filter Cartridge, 10pc set
HOZAN HS-821 Filter Cartridge, each
HOZAN HS-822 Pump Filter, 10pc set
HOZAN HS-825 Paper Filter Set, 10pc/set
HOZAN HS-830 Maintenance Kit for HS-800/801/802
HOZAN JIS Screwdriver Set (4 drivers) -- Previous Gen. [DISCON]
HOZAN JIS Screwdriver Set (5 drivers) -- Previous Gen. [DISCON]
HOZAN JIS-2 Screwdriver Set (2 drivers)
HOZAN JIS-4 Screwdriver Set (4 drivers)
HOZAN JIS-5 Screwdriver Set (5 drivers)
HOZAN K-100 Accessories
HOZAN K-100-1 Replacement Blade
HOZAN K-100-2 Replacement Blade
HOZAN K-100-3 Diamond Blade for K-100
HOZAN K-110-1 Replacement Blade
HOZAN K-110-18 Replacement Belt
HOZAN K-110-2 Replacement Blade
HOZAN K-110-25 Parallel Guide for K-110
HOZAN K-110-27 Safety Guide for K-110
HOZAN K-110-28 Angle Guide for K-110
HOZAN K-110/K-111 Accessories
HOZAN K-111 Circular Saw
HOZAN K-128 Hacksaw
HOZAN K-129S-1 Hacksaw Blades for K-128 (10/pk)
HOZAN K-130 Sheet Metal Bender
HOZAN K-140 Polishing Pad, 60 grit
HOZAN K-141 Polishing Pad, 120 grit (great for bicycle rims)
HOZAN K-142 Polishing Pad, 320 grit
HOZAN K-145 Polisher Holder
HOZAN K-150 5pc File Set
HOZAN K-155-L Large Standard File Set
HOZAN K-155-S Small Standard File Set
HOZAN K-160 Small Standard File (Round)
HOZAN K-161 Small Standard File (Half-Round)
HOZAN K-162 Small Standard File (Flat)
HOZAN K-163 Small Standard File (Triangular)
HOZAN K-164 Small Standard File (Square)
HOZAN K-170 Large Standard File (Round)
HOZAN K-171 Large Standard File (Half-Round)
HOZAN K-172 Large Standard File (Flat)
HOZAN K-173 Large Standard File (Triangular)
HOZAN K-174 Large Standard File (Square)
HOZAN K-180 Diamond File (Round)
HOZAN K-181 Diamond File (Half-Round)
HOZAN K-182 Diamond File (Flat)
HOZAN K-183 Diamond File (Triangle)
HOZAN K-184 Diamond File (Square)
HOZAN K-203 Stainless Steel/Copper Pipe Cutter
HOZAN K-21-14 Belt for K-21
HOZAN K-213 10pc File Set (Discontinued)
HOZAN K-215 10pc Standard File Set
HOZAN K-216 5pc Precision File Set
HOZAN K-35 Burr Scraper
HOZAN K-35 Replacement Blade (2/pk)
HOZAN K-431 Tap Set
HOZAN K-437-2 Tap
HOZAN K-437-3 Tap
HOZAN K-437-4 Tap
HOZAN K-437-5 Tap
HOZAN K-437-6 Tap
HOZAN K-437A Tap Handle
HOZAN K-438A Tap Handle
HOZAN K-441 Tapered Reamer
HOZAN K-442 Tapered Reamer
HOZAN K-443 Tapered Reamer
HOZAN K-444 Tapered Reamer
HOZAN K-493 Drill Bit Set (13pc/set) [NEW]
HOZAN K-494 Drill Bet Set (19pc/set) [NEW]
HOZAN K-495 Drill Bit Set (5pc/set)
HOZAN K-5 Drill Bit Set (7pc/set)
HOZAN K-50-1 Clamp
HOZAN K-501 Pin Vise
HOZAN K-502 Pin Vise
HOZAN K-83 Chassis Punch Set
HOZAN K-88 Hand-held Nibbling Tool [DISCON]
HOZAN K-881 Replacement Blade for K-88
HOZAN L-46 Stereo Microscope (Zoom-type)
HOZAN L-50 Standard Microscope
HOZAN L-505 Magnetic Base
HOZAN L-509 Stereo Head Scope Holder
HOZAN L-51 Stereo Microscope
HOZAN L-511 Eyepiece (10x mag.), pair
HOZAN L-511-1 Eye Cups (2/pr)
HOZAN L-512 Eyepiece (20x mag.), pair
HOZAN L-513 Eyepiece (15x mag.), pair
HOZAN L-519 Flexible Arm [DISCON]
HOZAN L-520 Long Pole (Extension)
HOZAN L-521 Standard Table (Base)
HOZAN L-523 Long Arm (for use with L-525)
HOZAN L-525 Large Standard Table (Base)
HOZAN L-57-0.5 Conversion Lens (0.5x)
HOZAN L-57-1.5 Conversion Lens (1.5x)
HOZAN L-57-2.0 Conversion Lens (2.0x)
HOZAN L-600-12 Lens Unit
HOZAN L-600-35 Lens Unit
HOZAN L-65 Lighting System for Hozan Microscopes [DISCON]
HOZAN L-65-1 Replacement Bulb (Color: 4200K) [DISCON]
HOZAN L-65-3 Replacement Bulb (Color: 7000K) [DISCON]
HOZAN L-678 LED Flex Arm Magnifier
HOZAN L-69 Eyepiece (10x mag. w/Scale), pc
HOZAN L-703 LED Flex Light
HOZAN L-709 Infrared LED Light [NEW]
HOZAN L-711 LED Ring Light
HOZAN L-715 LED Coaxial Episcopic Light [DISCON]
HOZAN L-717 LED Plane Emission Light [DISCON]
HOZAN L-802-2 Lens
HOZAN L-803 Flexible Arm
HOZAN L-804 Micro-Drive Head Holder
HOZAN L-815 Zoom Lens
HOZAN L-816 Zoom Lens
HOZAN L-817 Zoom Lens
HOZAN L-819 Extension Ring
HOZAN L-851 Full HD Camera
HOZAN L-851 Full HD Camera and System Diagram [NEW]
HOZAN L-870 Zoom Lens
HOZAN L-92 Magnifying Eyeglasses [NEW]
HOZAN L-95-10 Folding Magnifier (10x mag)
HOZAN L-95-9 Folding Magnifier (3x/6x/9x mag.)
HOZAN L-97-10 Hand-held Magnifier (w/Light)
HOZAN L-97-5 Hand-held Magnifier (w/Light)
HOZAN L-98 Hand-held Magnifier (dual-use)
HOZAN N-12 Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-16 Wire Cutter
HOZAN N-18 Cable Cutter
HOZAN N-21 Plastic Cutting Pliers [DISCON]
HOZAN N-21-1 Replacement Coil Spring (10pc set)
HOZAN N-22 Plastic Cutters (Discontinued)
HOZAN N-22-2 Replacement Stopper Pin (10pc set)
HOZAN N-23 Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-25-125 Plastic Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-25-150 Plastic Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-31 Miniature Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-31-1 Replacement Coil Spring (10pc set)
HOZAN N-32 Miniature Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-32-1 Replacement Coil Spring (10pc set)
HOZAN N-33 Miniature End Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-34 Miniature Thin Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-36 Miniature End Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-4-125 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-4-150 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-40 Diagonal Cuttling Pliers
HOZAN N-5-125 Diagonal Cutting Pliers w/Wire Stripper
HOZAN N-5-150 Diagonal Cutting Pliers w/Wire Stripper
HOZAN N-55 Precision Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-57 Heavy Duty Precision Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-58 Precision Diagonal Cutting Pliers
HOZAN N-838 General Purpose Snips
HOZAN N-839 Multi-Purpose Snips
HOZAN N-840 Serrated-Blade Snips [DISCON]
HOZAN N-841 Serrated-Blade Snips
HOZAN N-9-125 Diagonal Cutting Pliers w/Wire Stripper
HOZAN N-9-150 Diagonal Cutting Pliers w/Wire Stripper
HOZAN N-993 Cutting Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN N-Series/P-Series Accessories
HOZAN No. 3734 Desoldering Braid, 2.5mm
HOZAN No. 3736 Desoldering Braid, 0.9mm
HOZAN No. 3737 Desoldering Braid, 1.3mm
HOZAN No. 3738 Desoldering Braid, 2.5mm
HOZAN No. 3739 Desoldering Braid, 3.8mm
HOZAN No. 3748 Desoldering Braid, 2.5mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-12 Bent Needle Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-14-125 Long Nose Pliers w/Cutter
HOZAN P-14-150 Long Nose Pliers w/Cutter
HOZAN P-15-125 Long Nose Pliers w/Side Cutter
HOZAN P-15-150 Long Nose Pliers w/Side Cutter
HOZAN P-16 Flat Long Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-17 Needle Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-18 Long Nose Pliers (Discontinued)
HOZAN P-211Z-150 Insulated Slip Joint Pliers
HOZAN P-211Z-200 Insulated Slip Joint Pliers
HOZAN P-213B Screw Pliers
HOZAN P-214 Hex Nut Pliers
HOZAN P-22 Heavy Duty Long Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-220 Chain Pliers
HOZAN P-221 Chain Pliers
HOZAN P-244 Water Pump (Slip Joint) Pliers
HOZAN P-245 Heavy Duty Slip Joint Pliers
HOZAN P-32 Miniature Flat Nose Pliers [NEW]
HOZAN P-33 Miniature Knurled-Tip Pliers
HOZAN P-34 Miniature Flat Jaw Pliers
HOZAN P-35 Miniature Long Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-36 Miniature Long Nose Pliers, Knurled Tip
HOZAN P-36-1 Replacement Coil Spring (10pc set)
HOZAN P-37 Miniature Long Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-37-1 Replacement Coil Spring (10pc set)
HOZAN P-38 Miniature Long Nose Pliers (Discontinued)
HOZAN P-39 Miniature Round Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-40 Pliers [NEW]
HOZAN P-43-150 Pliers w/Side Cutter
HOZAN P-43-175 Pliers w/Side Cutter
HOZAN P-51 Precision Long Nose Pliers
HOZAN P-510-S ESD Tip Probe
HOZAN P-510S-1 ESD Tips (set of 2)
HOZAN P-511-S ESD Tip Probe
HOZAN P-511S-1 ESD Tips (set of 2)
HOZAN P-512-S ESD Tip Probe
HOZAN P-512S-1 ESD Tips (set of 2)
HOZAN P-513-S ESD Tip Probe
HOZAN P-513S-1 ESD Tips (set of 2)
HOZAN P-514-S ESD Tip Probe
HOZAN P-514S-1 ESD Tips (set of 2)
HOZAN P-530 ESD Tip Probe Set
HOZAN P-57-175 Pliers w/Side Cutter
HOZAN P-57-200 Pliers w/Side Cutter
HOZAN P-59-175 VVF Lineman Pliers
HOZAN P-610-P Plastic-Tip Tweezers, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-610-S ESD-Tip Tweezers, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-610G-1 Replacement Elastomer tips 2.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-610P-1 Replacement Tips (Plastic) 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-610S-1 Replacement Tips 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-611-S ESD-Tip Tweezers, 0.4mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-611S-1 Replacement Tips 0.4mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-612-S ESD-Tip Tweezers, R1.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-612S-1 Replacement Tips R1.0mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-613-S ESD-Tip Tweezers, R2.3mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-613S-1 Replacement Tips R2.3mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-614-P Plastic-tip Tweezers, 0.6mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-614-S ESD-tip Tweezers, 0.6mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-614P-1 Replacement Tips (Plastic) 0.6mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-614S-1 Replacement Tips 0.6mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-620-S ESD-Tip Aluminum Tweezers, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-630-S Reverse-Action Interchangeable ESD-tip Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-64 Stainless Steel Spring Hook
HOZAN P-640-0 Replacement Screws for Hozan Interchangeable Tweezers
HOZAN P-640-A Transparent-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 1.2mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-640-J ESD/Elastomer-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 1.5mm
HOZAN P-640-P Plastic-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 1.2mm
HOZAN P-640-S ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 1.2mm
HOZAN P-640A-1 Replacement Tips, Transparent 1.2mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-640J-1 ESD/Elastomer-tip Replacement Tips 1.5mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-640P-1 Plastic Replacement Tips 1.2mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-640S-1 ESD-tip Replacement Tips 1.2mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-641-S ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 0.4mm
HOZAN P-641S-1 ESD-tip Replacement Tips 0.4mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-642-A Transparent-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R1.0mm (angled) [NEW]
HOZAN P-642-J ESD/Elastomer-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R1.5mm Angled [NEW]
HOZAN P-642-S ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R1.0mm
HOZAN P-642A-1 Replacement Tips, Transparent R1.0mm (angled) [NEW]
HOZAN P-642J-1 ESD/Elastomer-tip Replacement Tips R1.5mm Angled, 2/pk [NEW]
HOZAN P-642S-1 ESD-tip Replacement Tips R1.0mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-643-A Transparent-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R2.4mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-643-J ESD/Elastomer-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R3.0mm
HOZAN P-643-N Adhesive Resistant-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R2.4mm
HOZAN P-643-S ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R2.4mm
HOZAN P-643A-1 Replacement Tips, Transparent R2.4mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-643J-1 ESD/Elastomer-tip Replacement Tips R3.0mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-643N-1 Adhesive-Resistant Replacement Tips R2.4mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-643S-1 ESD-tip Replacement Tips R2.4mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-644-A Transparent-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 0.6mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-644-P Plastic-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 0.6mm
HOZAN P-644-S ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 0.6mm
HOZAN P-644A-1 Replacement Tips, Transparent 0.6mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-644P-1 Plastic Replacement Tips, 2/pk
HOZAN P-644S-1 ESD-tip Replacement Tips 0.6mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-645-A Transparent-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 6.0mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-645-J ESD/Elastomer-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers, R6.0mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-645-N Adhesive Resistant-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 6.0mm
HOZAN P-645-S ESD-tip Interchangeable Tweezers, 6.0mm
HOZAN P-645A-1 Replacement Tips, Transparent 6.0mm [NEW]
HOZAN P-645J-1 ESD/Elastomer-Tip Replacement Tips, R6.0mm 2/pk [NEW]
HOZAN P-645N-1 Adhesive-Resistant Replacement Tips 6.0mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-645S-1 ESD-tip Replacement Tips 6.0mm, 2/pk
HOZAN P-646-C Ceramic-Tip Tweezers
HOZAN P-646-D ESD Ceramic-Tip Tweezers
HOZAN P-646C-1 Replacement Ceramic Tips
HOZAN P-646D-1 Replacement ESD Ceramic Tips
HOZAN P-650-S ESD-tip Aluminum Interchangeable Tweezers, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-652 Non-Magnetic Reverse-Action Angled Tweezers, 0.2mm tip
HOZAN P-672 Non-Magnetic Angled Tweezers, 0.2mm tip
HOZAN P-704 Crimping Tool w/Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-706 Open Barrel Contact Crimping Tool
HOZAN P-707 Open Barrel Contact Crimping Tool
HOZAN P-710 Modular Plug Crimping Tool
HOZAN P-710-1 Replacement Blade Set (2/pack)
HOZAN P-711 Modular Plug Crimping Tool (Ratchet-style)
HOZAN P-715 Crimping Tool (for F Connectors) [DISCON]
HOZAN P-716 Crimper (for F Connectors)
HOZAN P-722 Crimper w/Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-722-1 Replacement Spring for P-722
HOZAN P-732 Crimping Tool (Ratchet-type)
HOZAN P-733 Crimping Tool (for Insulated Terminals)
HOZAN P-736 Crimping Tool (for Insulated Terminals)
HOZAN P-740 Crimping Tool (for BNC Connectors)
HOZAN P-741 Crimping Tool (for BNC Connectors)
HOZAN P-743 Crimping Tool (for Insulated Terminals)
HOZAN P-75 Crimping Tool (Ratchet-type)
HOZAN P-77 Crimping Tool (for Ring Sleeves)
HOZAN P-801 Spring Hook [DISCON]
HOZAN P-804 Stainless Steel Probe
HOZAN P-805 Stainless Steel Probe (Angled)
HOZAN P-806 Bamboo Probe, 2/pk
HOZAN P-807 Probe, Straight
HOZAN P-808 Probe, Angled
HOZAN P-809 Probe, Hook
HOZAN P-810 Tweezers Set [DISCON]
HOZAN P-814-H Heat-resistant Tweezers, 0.4mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-814-S ESD Tweezers, 0.4mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-814H-1 Heat-resistant Tips, 0.4mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-814S-1 ESD Tips, 0.4mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815-H Heat-resistant Tweezers, 1.2mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815-R Eco-friendly Tweezers, 1.2mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815-S ESD Tweezers, 1.2mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815H-1 Heat-resistant tips, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815R-1 Eco-friendly Tips, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-815S-1 ESD Tips, 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816 ESD Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816-R Eco-friendly Tweezers, r1.2mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816-S ESD Tweezers, rounded 1.2mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816R-1 Eco-friendly Tips, rounded 1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-816S-1 ESD Tips, r1.2mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-820 Angled Ceramic Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-823 Knurled-Tip Tweezers [NEW]
HOZAN P-824 Spatula-type Tweezers [NEW]
HOZAN P-830 Vacuum Pick (Syringe-style)
HOZAN P-831 Vacuum Pick, ESD
HOZAN P-831 Vacuum Pick, ESD (10/pk)
HOZAN P-835 Vacuum Pick Station
HOZAN P-840 Stainless Steel Tweezers, 0.3mm [DISCON]
HOZAN P-841 Stainless Steel Tweezers, 0.3mm thin-tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-842 Stainless Steel Tweezers, 0.3mm angled [DISCON]
HOZAN P-843 Parts Clip (Forceps)
HOZAN P-845 ESD Grip for Tweezers
HOZAN P-848 Wide-Grip ESD-tip Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-849 Large Grip Tweezers [NEW]
HOZAN P-850 Non-Magnetic Tweezers, Standard Tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-851 Non-magnetic Tweezers, Fine Tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-852 Non-magnetic Tweezers, Angled Tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-855-B Bamboo Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-855-C Ceramic Tweezers
HOZAN P-855B-1 Bamboo Replacement Tips [DISCON]
HOZAN P-855C-1 Ceramic Tips [DISCON]
HOZAN P-86-125 Knurled Tip Tweezers, 5" length
HOZAN P-86-150 Knurled Tip Tweezers, 6" length
HOZAN P-86-175 Knurled Tip Tweezers, 7" length
HOZAN P-863-150 Bamboo Tweezers, ESD
HOZAN P-87 Economical Tweezers
HOZAN P-878 Tweezers
HOZAN P-880 Non-magnetic Tweezers
HOZAN P-880-T Titanium Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-881P Fine-tip Tweezers (Cleanroom-use), 5-pack [DISCON]
HOZAN P-882 Angled Tweezers, Precision Tip
HOZAN P-882P Angled Tweezers (Cleanroom-use), 5-pack [DISCON]
HOZAN P-884 Angled Tweezers [NEW]
HOZAN P-886 Knurled Tip Tweezers
HOZAN P-887 Angled Tweezers, 0.6mm tip
HOZAN P-888 Tweezers
HOZAN P-89 Reverse-Action (Self-Closing) Tweezers
HOZAN P-890 Ceramic Tweezers, 0.5mm tip [DISCON]
HOZAN P-891 Heavy Duty Tweezers, 0.6mm tip
HOZAN P-891-ESD Heavy Duty Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-891P Heavy Duty Tweezers (Cleanroom-use), 5-pack [DISCON]
HOZAN P-892 Heavy Duty Tweezers, 1.2mm tip
HOZAN P-893 Non-magnetic Knurled-Tip Tweezers [DISCON]
HOZAN P-894 Heavy-Duty Tweezers (Thin-profile)
HOZAN P-898 Heavy Duty Tweezers, Fine-tip
HOZAN P-90-A Wire Stripper (Solid Wire)
HOZAN P-90-B Wire Stripper (Solid Wire)
HOZAN P-90-C Wire Stripper (Stranded Wire)
HOZAN P-90-F Wire Stripper (Stranded Wire)
HOZAN P-910 Replacement Blade "A"
HOZAN P-911 Replacement Blade "B"
HOZAN P-912 Replacement Blade "C"
HOZAN P-915 Replacement Blade "F" [NEW]
HOZAN P-918 Wire Stop
HOZAN P-919 Strip Gauge
HOZAN P-928 Replacement Blade for P-97
HOZAN P-929 VVF/EM-EEF Cable Stripper
HOZAN P-929-1 Replacement Blade for P-929 [NEW]
HOZAN P-95 Wire Stripper (Solid Wire) [DISCON]
HOZAN P-958 VVF Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-960 Series Wire Strippers
HOZAN P-960 Wire Stripper (Stranded Wire)
HOZAN P-963 Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-967 Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-968 Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-970 Series Wire Strippers
HOZAN P-970 Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-977 Wire Stripper
HOZAN P-978 Wire Stripper
HOZAN Parts Case Accessories
HOZAN PP-140 Knurled-tip Tweezers, 12" length
HOZAN PP-142 Angled Knurled-tip Tweezers, 12" length
HOZAN PP-146 Long Tweezers [NEW]
HOZAN S-1 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-10 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-103 Tool Case
HOZAN S-107 Tool Case
HOZAN S-140 Tool Case (Discontinued)
HOZAN S-175-4 Tool Pallet
HOZAN S-175-5 Tool Pallet [DISCON]
HOZAN S-20 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-22 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-3 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-30 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-33 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-34 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-35 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-372 Tote Bag Tool Set [NEW]
HOZAN S-45 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-48 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-50 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-51 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-60 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-7 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-75 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-76 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-78 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-80 Tool Kit
HOZAN S-81 Tool Kit
HOZAN Screwdriver Set (2 drivers) -- Previous Gen. [DISCON]
HOZAN Soldering Iron Accessories
HOZAN Standard Microscopes
HOZAN Tool Case Accessories (Pallets/Straps)
HOZAN W-110 Ballpoint Wrench (Individual)
HOZAN W-110 Ballpoint Wrench Set, set of 7
HOZAN W-110-1.5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-110-2 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-110-2.5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-110-3 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-110-4 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-110-5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-110-6 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111 Ballpoint Wrench (Individual)
HOZAN W-111 Ballpoint Wrench Set (short-key), set of 7
HOZAN W-111-1.5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111-2 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111-2.5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111-3 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111-4 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111-5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-111-6 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench (Individual)
HOZAN W-112 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench Set , set of 7
HOZAN W-112-1.5 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112-2 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112-2.5 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112-3 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112-4 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112-5 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-112-6 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113 Ballpoint Wrench (Individual)
HOZAN W-113 Stubby Ballpoint Wrench Set (short-key), set of 7
HOZAN W-113-1.5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113-2 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113-2.5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113-3 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113-4 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113-5 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-113-6 Ballpoint Wrench
HOZAN W-120 Hex Key Wrench Set [DISCON]
HOZAN W-121 Hex Key Wrench Set [DISCON]
HOZAN W-230-100 Adjustable Wrench
HOZAN W-230-150 Adjustable Wrench
HOZAN W-230-200 Adjustable Wrench
HOZAN W-230-250 Adjustable Wrench
HOZAN W-240-100 Adjustable Wrench with Soft Grip
HOZAN W-240-150 Adjustable Wrench with Soft Grip
HOZAN W-240-200 Adjustable Wrench with Soft Grip
HOZAN W-240-250 Adjustable Wrench with Soft Grip
HOZAN W-27 Box Wrench Set (3pc)
HOZAN W-27-0809 Box Wrench
HOZAN W-27-1011 Box Wrench
HOZAN W-27-1214 Box Wrench
HOZAN W-510 Socket Wrench Set (Hex)
HOZAN W-511 Socket Wrench Set
HOZAN W-512 Socket Wrench Set
HOZAN W-520 Metric Combination Wrench Set
HOZAN W-521 Open End Wrench Set, 6pc/set
HOZAN W-76 Flat Wrench (Spanner) Set, 3pc/set
HOZAN W-81 Torx Wrench (Driver Bit) Set
HOZAN W-82 Torx Wrench (Individual)
HOZAN W-82 Torx Wrench Set, 6pcs
HOZAN W-82-10 Torx Wrench (Size T10)
HOZAN W-82-15 Torx Wrench (Size T15)
HOZAN W-82-20 Torx Wrench (Size T20)
HOZAN W-82-25 Torx Wrench (Size T25)
HOZAN W-82-6 Torx Wrench (Size T6)
HOZAN W-82-8 Torx Wrench (Size T8)
HOZAN W-91 Hex Key Wrench Set
HOZAN W-96 Hex Wrench Set
HOZAN W-98 Hex Key Wrench Set
HOZAN W-99 Hex Key Wrench Set
HOZAN Wrist/Ankle Straps and Accessories
HOZAN Z-261 Extension Duster w/Brush
HOZAN Z-262 Duster, Standard
HOZAN Z-263 Duster w/Compression Nozzle [DISCON]
HOZAN Z-266 Duster [DISCON]
HOZAN Z-268 Duster w/Compressor Nozzle
HOZAN Z-340 Level
HOZAN Z-341 Metric Tape Measure
HOZAN Z-350 Hand-held Inspection Mirror
HOZAN Z-354 Inspection Mirror (Multi-angle)
HOZAN Z-355 Hand-held Inspection Mirror
HOZAN Z-382-M Work Gloves, Medium 3 pairs/pack [NEW]
HOZAN Z-382-S Work Gloves, Small 3 pairs/pack [NEW]
HOZAN Z-390 Air Dustgun [DISCON]
HOZAN Z-395 Dust Gun
HOZAN Z-396 Long Nozzle Dust Gun
HOZAN Z-397 Air Curtain Dust Gun
HOZAN Z-64 Oil Dispenser
HOZAN Z-640 Safety Glasses
HOZAN Z-641 Safety Glasses
HOZAN Z-65 Oil Dispenser [DISCON]
HOZAN Z-682 Electrician's Knife [DISCON]
HOZAN Z-683 Electrician's Knife
HOZAN Z-76 Liquid Dispenser w/Cap
Individual Files
Interchangeable Tip Tweezers
K-110-26 Stage for K-110
K-21-1 Collet Chuck
L-818 Extension Ring
Lighting Systems
Lineman Pliers/Slip Joint Pliers
Miniature Cutting Pliers
Miniature Pliers
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Non-Metal Tweezers
P-610-G Elastomer-tip Tweezers [DISCONTINUED]
Parts Cabinets
Parts Cases / Storage
Parts for Discontinued HOZAN C-330 Truing Stand
Plastic-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers
Precision Series
Replacement Blades
Safety and Maintenance Products [UPDATED]
Sensors for HOZAN Thermometers
Slim-tip Tweezers
Soldering / Desoldering
Soldering Iron Stands
Soldering Irons and Stations
Standard Cutting Pliers
Standard Pliers
Standard Tip Tweezers
Tool Cases
Tool Kits / Sets
Tool Kits / Sets
TOYO LINT FREE "Static 201" Cleanroom Shoes (Size 22.0cm - 29.0cm)
TOYO LINT FREE FC136C Cleanroom Uniform (Size S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FD450C Cleanroom Cap (White)
TOYO LINT FREE FD451C Cleanroom Cap
TOYO LINT FREE FD453C Cleanroom Cap (2/pk)
TOYO LINT FREE FD911C Cleanroom Bag/Pochette
TOYO LINT FREE FD915C Cleanroom Apron
TOYO LINT FREE FH197C Cleanroom Uniform (Size S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FH206C Lab Coat (Sizes S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FH207C Lab Coat (Sizes S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FH240C Lab Coat (Sizes S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FP181C Cleanroom Uniform (Sizes S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FP182C Cleanroom Uniform (Sizes S-4L)
TOYO LINT FREE FS663C Cleanroom Boots (Size 22.0cm - 27.0cm)
TOYO LINT FREE FS663C Cleanroom Boots (Size 28.0cm)
TOYO LINT FREE FS663C Cleanroom Boots (Size 29.0cm)
TOYO LINT FREE FZ550C Cleanroom Mask (10/pk)
TOYO LINT FREE FZ551C Cleanroom Mask (10/pk)
TOYO LINT FREE FZ555C Cleanroom Mask (50/pk)
TOYO LINT FREE FZ852C SLW Wipes (Set of 5)
TOYO LINT FREE JA470A Cleanroom Cap
TOYO LINT FREE JA471B Cleanroom Cap
TOYO LINT FREE P7000 Cleanroom Shoes (Size 22.0cm-27.0cm)
TOYO LINT FREE P7000 Cleanroom Shoes (Size 29.0cm)
Transparent-Tip Interchangeable Tweezers [NEW]
VESSEL 9000 JIS Ceramic Driver, JIS +0
VESSEL 9000 JIS Ceramic Driver, JIS 1.7mm
VESSEL 9000 Slotted Ceramic Driver, -2.2mm
VESSEL 9000 Slotted Ceramic Driver, 0.9mm
VESSEL 9000 Slotted Ceramic Driver, 1.3mm
VESSEL 9000 Slotted Ceramic Driver, 1.8mm
VESSEL 9000 Slotted Ceramic Driver, 2.6mm
VESSEL 9000 Slotted Ceramic Driver, 3.4mm
VESSEL 9001 4-way Ceramic Driver (Discontinued-Last Buy)
VESSEL CT-1311 Two-Way Ceramic Tips -1.3mm & +1.7
VICTOR (Hanazono) 113BSD Dust Nippers, 125mm
VICTOR (Hanazono) 113HGSD Dust Nippers, 125mm
Wheel & Tire
Wire Strippers
Wrist Strap Accessories